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A little bit about us – Part 1: Career History

In March, 1983, myself, Bill Randall and Dan Hill started an architectural firm, Arbor South in Eugene, Oregon. We both had a passion for energy efficient design and good architecture. And so we started our career together. We achieved early success, with some design awards in the first couple of years of our business, including a national award for a small, energy-efficient cluster subdivision in Eugene.

As our career progressed, we went through the 1980s and into the 1990s and, like many in our culture, kind of got caught up into the excesses of that era. Not that we totally abandoned our desire for energy efficiency or solar tempering, but I have to admit we drifted away from our roots somewhat.

But a couple of things stayed ingrained in our psyches: our passion for truly good, sustainable architecture and our passion to give back out of our plenty. We always wanted to create good architecture. Functional art, if you will, not just some ego statement. And I think over the years, we achieved that goal. And I think we came full circle on that with our recent LEED Platinum home, theSAGE, which achieved all sorts of accolades and press.

Secondly, we never really lost sight of the blessings we have living in this first world country. So our journeys took us not only down the path of good architecture, our journeys took us down a parallel path of also giving back to those in need. Both Dan and myself have held that as a high priority in our lives and I’ll talk about that in my next few posts.

But the past couple of years, we have each felt a growing uneasiness with the status quo. Success is one thing, but significance is something entirely different. The downturn in the economy has given us the time and the opportunity to reevaluate our business and just where we really want to go in these next 28 years.

So we started World 3 Homes. I’ll speak to Dan and my personal histories in the next two posts and a little bit about the origins of World 3 Homes after that. So sit back and hear our story.