A little bit about us – Part 2: Bill’s Story

My story related to ¬†giving back really began in February 1995 when myself and my wife, Brenda, and a small team went to Romania to remodel an Orphanage in downtown Bucharest. The orphanage, Orasul Speranti (which means City of Home in Romanian) was the first of several humanitarian arms of the Children’s Relief Network. Probably the best way to describe how that affected me was outside the orphanage, it was like TV where everything was in black and white, then when we stepped into Orasul Speranti’s building, it switched to color.

That trip also helped me realize just how much we in developed countries have. We take for granted the fact that we have shoes and can drink the water here. And so that made an indelible impression on me. Since 1995, I have been back to Romania one more time to help construct a children’s home, to Djibouti to install medical equipment in the only hospital in the country and to Uganda as part of an advance team to lay the ground work for an intensive care addition to the regional hospital in Jinja.

In the ensuing 15 years since that first trip, I’ve personally felt a certain uneasiness in myself looking to do more. Realizing, as I said, just how much we have, there has been something in my gut that has been pressing me to go beyond, to get out of my comfort zone some more and give even more back.

That’s why World 3 Homes is close to my heart and soul.

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