A little bit about us – Part 3: Dan’s Story

Dan’s story, while it has many differences to Bill’s, also has many similarities. His story begins over 20 years ago in 1988 with Dan founding  Mission to Mexico, a non-profit organization that began with 14 people building a few homes for needy families in Mexico. M2M has grown now to over 125 people traveling each Spring Break to give back to the families of Mexico. M2M has built  60 homes, 2 churches, and orphanage and a medical clinic. Dan has also traveled to help with disaster relief in Honduras and he and Bill are planning a trip soon to Haiti. World 3 Homes initially sprang out of this sort of service and giving back.

Speaking about M2M, Dan says “it changes our way of thinking about what we have. What we try to share with adults as well as the kids is that turning on a light switch is a luxury, that flushing a toilet is a luxury.”

But perhaps more importantly, is the change that takes place in the families that receive a new, roughly 400 square foot home. Most of the families M2M builds for are living in cardboard boxes and scrap tin — whatever they can scavenge. Eighty percent of the families are headed by a single mother.

Commenting on the encouragement for everyone to go on this type of trip, Dan wants us to know that “it’s life changing for the people who go.”

It truly is.

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