Focus Group and the Design

We have done a little more research on our prototype home and have scheduled a focus group in just a few days. We’ll report back here the results of that time.

We are inviting some key people we know personally and some we know of their work in this area of aid. From construction people to humanitarian workers, we are assembling a group to review this first stage of our design. They are people we trust and value their opinions.

You can see a little better now the form of these homes. In the first picture, you can see the covered cooking porch with the photovoltaic panels. At the right is our rainwater collection tank.

We are still researching construction methods. The SIP panels may prove to be too expensive, so we are looking at alternates. We’ll discuss this with our focus group. We are contacting a local (right here in town) company about the foundation anchoring method and we’ll keep you posted on that, too.

We’re really getting pretty excited about the idea of providing homes for people. And that’s where our focus is: building homes, not just housing.

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