Focus Group – A Huge Thank You!

A huge thank you to our 15 friends, both old and new, who joined us for our first focus group on our World3Homes design concept. Your input and ideas and perspectives were so incredibly valuable! The two hours you spent with us, discussing our ideas, dreams and concepts were amazing. Your thoughts brought a depth to what we desire for this venture that are beyond words.

I thought about posting a picture of our time together, but thought I’d post a copy of my notes instead. I’m doing this primarily because this gets at the heart of what we talked about and discussed last night. So many ideas and ways we can make these homes even better for the people they are intended to help. We will set to work on the refinements.

From detailed ideas about footing bases on uneven ground to how to make these homes part of a larger idea of helping to rebuild a community, those two hours last night were some of the best conversation we’ve had in a long time. Your individual perspectives from builder, to friend, to program director for these types of projects, have helped us have a more balanced picture of what these homes need to be and provide.

We are considering our next steps in the process. Refining the design is one step. Targeting a prototype is another. The prototype may also be one we use in Mexico Spring Break 2011 when Dan goes down for his annual trek. We are also considering how these homes may be just the first step in an even larger vision of humanitarian aid and truly “loving our neighbor.”

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